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3D OCT-2000 Series

3D OCT-2000 Series
Brand: Top Con
Category: OCT
  • test1: fsgs
  • test2: sfgsgf

The 3D OCT-2000 Series of Spectral Domain OCTs with High Resolution Fundus Cameras was designed to meet the needs of a comprehensive fundus imaging device for all eye care professionlas from the single doctor practise to a large university hospital.

Source: TopCon


General information

Model 3D OCT 2000 series
High lights -12mm Wide Scan & 5 Line Cross Scan
-Color Fundus/FAF Photography
-FA Photography
- Auto Disc Search Function
-Motion Correction/Compensation/Rescanning Function
-IR Tracking
Application Diagnosis
Usage Cornea, Diagnostic devices, Glaucoma, Retina
Made in Japan
Certifications CE
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Cataract No
Cornea scan range of oct No
Diagnostic device Yes
Dry Eye No
Glaucoma Yes
Refractive No
Retina Yes
Software(new tech) No
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General specs

Weight 35kgr,36kgr(FA),37kgr(FA plus)
Dimensions 545x535x600~630mm
Power supply 100/110/120/220/230/240V 50-60Hz, 200VΑ
Upgrades N/A
Portable No


Technology oct Spectral domain
Axial resolution ~6μm
Transverse Resolution oct N/A
A scan Rate 50.000 A-scan/sec
Scanning range On fundus: [Lateral] 3~12mm [Vertical]: 3~9mm, On Cornea:[Lateral]:3~6mm [Vertical]: 3~6mm
Light source 840nm
Min.pupil Diameter oct 2.5 mm
Focus Adjustments oct -13D to +12D
Extra functionalities oct Fundus camera
Scan types oct 3D, 5 line cross, Radial scan, 7 Line raster, Circle Scan,


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