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Κωδικός προϊόντος: Μ/Δ Κατηγορίες: , , Product Condition: Καινούργιο



  • 2-instruments swivelling table, locking position chosen manually (also available as 1-instrument swivelling table)
  • space saving “slimline” make
  • Design of the upper part of chair unique material combination (backrest “Multiplex beech” – headrest and seat cushioned)
  • Cushioned parts made of elastic, high quality vinyl leather in attractive colors (durable, suited for desinfection solution)
  • Automatic switch device “on-off” for table units (6V or 12V) depending on table position
  • New manual phoropter transfer guide (telescope sliding shelf -may be pulled out for manual and automatic phoropters)
  • Trial glass drawer swivelling (simple positioning in front of patient)
  • Control switches (patient chair “up-down”) easily accessible, built into the instrument table, Main switch illuminated
  • Housing plastic coated in classic standard RAL 9006 white aluminum
  • Great selection of colors according to standard RAL color chart or real wood veneer
  • Doms CENTRIC upper parts of patient chair may be adapted
  • User-friendly integration of original manufacturer’s power supply for LED slit lamps (on request)
  • All commercial diagnosis instruments adaptable

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