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  • 1, high-brightness white LED cold light lamp, the maximum brightness is greater than 30,000lux, service life of 50,000 hours.2, the sharp crack of light, freedom Promise fissure width adjustment.3, the amount of forehead retractable prop, easy to observe the diopter adjustment.4, rotating nosepiece, linkage-type IPD adjustment feel good.

    5, the whole light and compact, lightweight and easy to carry, suitable for bedridden patients and out clinic.

    6, a variety of filters.

    7, battery-driven, sustainable use of full power every 5-6 hours.

    8, all lenses through layers of anti-reflective, anti-moisture and mildew coating process, and always maintain good optical effect.


Microscope TypeConverging Microscope

Objective Magnifications1 step magnification 2 steps magnifications 3 steps magnifications

Magnifications10X10X,16X10X, 16X, 25.6X

Diopter Adjustment±8D

Slit Width0~12mm continuously adjustable

Diamater of Light Spot12mm0.2mm, 1mm, 5mm, 12mm0.2mm, 1mm, 5mm, 12mm

FilterHeat-absorption, Yellow, Redfree, Cobalt Blue

Slit Angle ±30°

Light SourceLED

Maximal Illumination≥30000Lx

Power7.4V 680mAh Li Battery, Rechargeable

Working Time5 hours for common use

Packing Volume169.5mm*109.5mm*228.5mm

Net Weight 700g

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Μικροσκόπια, Φακοθρυψία

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