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Brand: Optopol
Category: OCT

Optopol engineering team, designers of the first commercially available Spectral Domain OCT in the World, is proud to present the World’s fastest OCT.

Optopol engineering team, the designers of the firstcommercially available Spectral Domain OCT in the world, are proud to present the latest innovation, the world`s first B-OCT and T-OCT for standard
posterior OCT. Our supreme experience in Spectral Domain OCT allows us to provide the market with a state of the art instrument which comes with new advanced technologies and remarkable simplicity of operation.




General information

Model REVO NX 130
High lights - All Functionality in One device
- i Tracking
- "Denoise" function
- Follow up
- Comparison- Progression
- Dicom
Application Diagnosis
Usage Diagnostic devices, Glaucoma, Retina
Made in Poland
Certifications CE
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Cataract No
Cornea scan range of oct No
Diagnostic device Yes
Dry Eye No
Glaucoma Yes
Refractive No
Retina No
Software(new tech) No
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General specs

Connectivity USB, with other devices
Weight 29kgr
Dimensions 479 x 367 × 493 mm
Power supply 110-230 V, 60/50 Hz, 90 - 110 VA
Upgrades -
Portable No


Technology oct Spectral domain
Axial resolution ~2.6 μm digital, 5 μm in tissue
Transverse Resolution oct 12 μm, typical 18 μm
A scan Rate 130 000 A-scan/sec
Scanning range osterior 5 mm to 15 mm, Angio 3 mm to 9 mm, Anterior 3 mm to 18 mm
Light source 850nm
Min.pupil Diameter oct 2.4 mm
Focus Adjustments oct -25D to +25D
Extra functionalities oct Fundus camera, Angiography, Topography, Biometry
Scan types oct 3D, Angio, Full Range Radial, Full Range B-scan, Radial (HD), B-scan (HD), Raster (HD), Cross (HD), TOPO, AL, ACD


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