BQ 900 Stereo-Variator

  • Reduces stereo viewing angle from 13° to 4.5° (switchable)
  • Leading to an increased stereoscopic field of view
  • Allows wide angle stereoscopic examination of the fundus

Stereoscopic examination of the posterior eye chamber is limited by the amount of light passing the iris. The normal stereoscopic field of view (blue circles) gets dramatically reduced to a small elliptical area (left orange circles). The Stereo-Variator narrows the stereo base angle, therefore increases the amount of light passing the iris and leads to an increased stereoscopic field of view (right orange circles), allowing undisturbed examination of the posterior chamber
The Stereo-Variator is a unique accessory of the BQ 900 slit lamp by Haag-Streit.

Stereoscopic examination of the vitreous and fundus is an important technique in diagnosis of a wide range of pathologies. One problem of standard slit lamps is that the stereoscopic field of view gets dramatically reduced for all structures behind the iris.
By narrowing the stereoscopic viewing angle, it is possible to significantly increase the stereoscopic field of view.
The Haag-Streit Stereo-Variator is the only device available on the market that allows you to reduce the stereo angle, providing a brilliant, stereoscopic image of all structure of the posterior eye chamber.

Video explanation

Source: Haag Streit